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marcia - personal trainer at gibson's gym

Marcia is a lifelong fitness fanatic.  From an early age, she participated in many competitive sports including gymnastics, diving, track, cross country, and cross-country skiing.  She even taught aerobics in her dorm at SUNY College at Oswego (in the days of leg warmers and headbands), where she graduated cum laude in 1984 with a BA in English and  a minor in French.  After a 10-year hiatus from the work world of marketing and editing in which she focused on raising her children, Marcia joined Gibson’s Gym, lost 35 lbs., and was “recruited” by the group fitness manager to teach classes at the gym in 2003.  Her passion for fitness led her to pursue a personal-training certification and now she enjoys the best of both worlds: teaching group-fitness classes, and working with clients one-on-one.

Certifications: NCSF Personal Training Certification, AFAA Group Fitness Certification (with extensive workshop hours in yoga, pilates, strength training, and indoor cycling), Les Mills BodyPump & BodyVive, Powerstrike Impact Kickboxing

Specializations: injury prevention & rehabilitation, clients of all ages, progressive exercise programs

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