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sarah - personal trainer at gibson's gym

Sarah is a veteran in the fitness industry having over ten years experience with multiple facets of club operations. With a lifelong passion for health and fitness, Sarah practices what she preaches. From being an All-American high school athlete, a two sport college athlete, to a modern day challenge course competitor, Sarah now brings her experience to people of all fitness levels here at Gibsons. She is also a devoted mother of 3 boys and knows what it takes to balance fitness with a busy schedule. Able to work with both experienced athletes as well as first time exercisers and deconditioned populations, Sarah is well versed and motivated to help others achieve personal success in their own health and fitness journeys.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Certifications: CFSC, FMS, CPR-AED

Specializations: functional training, weight management, pre & post natal, seniors, children, special populations

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