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scott - personal trainer at gibson's gym

Personal Trainer since: 2003

Education: BS: Exercise Science, East Stroudsburg University


Experience: JBA Fitness 2003-2004, East Stroudsburg University 2002-2006, Retro Fitness 2008-present, Snap Fitness 2009-2011, Elevations Health Club 2011, Gibson’s Gym present

Areas of Focus: knowledge of advanced applied biological treatment of adaptations necessary to sustain and/or develop exercise tolerance. Including concepts of endocrine, pharmacological, disease, aging, sexual, body composition, and nutritional influences on exercise. Compare the clients strength of the dominant vs. the non-dominant relation to overall body size, forearm circumference, training status and gender. skin fold measurements of the seven criteria sites including the triceps, abdomen, iliac crest, sub scapular, chest, mid axillary, and the mid thigh line. Boot camps to increase strength, cardio enhancer, and metabolism boost.

Highlights: With all the fad diets, commercial exercise products, and exercise controversy, it’s easy to become confused and frustrated when selecting a good exercise program. Also, as you age, your body’s tolerance to certain types of exercise changes, which can cause you to avoid exercise all together. The positive health benefits of a regular exercise program far outweigh the negative. Program results with rest in between on a 7-day cycle Hypertrophy Increasing  1RM max test at higher intensity levels (55-75%) allowing the Client to increase the amount of weight Improve strength as well as muscle  mass, Increased flexibility, Enhanced neuromuscular performance, Enlightened mood enhancement, Increased insulin action, Decrease the risk of osteoporosis, Increase of oxygen uptake (VO2max).

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