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Robin Turanick - Group Fitness Manager

gibsons group exercise class schedule

All classes are 60 minutes, unless otherwise noted.

View our Group Excercise Classes page for more information on each class.

Instructors/class type subject to change without prior notice!

Group Exercise Rules of Etiquette

  1. Please be on time.
  2. Do not enter class more than 10 minutes after it has started.
  3. Make sure that you sign up for RPM. If not you will be asked to forfeit your equipment if class becomes full.
  4. Do not enter GE Room while class is in progress to get equipment.
  5. Always bring a towel and wipe up equipment/floor after class.
  6. Be sure to always bring water.
  7. Leave your cell phone in your locker or be sure to turn off ringer during class.
  8. Your gym bags/personal belongings should be left in locker room.
  9. Please make every effort to keep the equipment room neat and organized for next class.

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