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One of the most extensive facilities in the tri-state area!

Our strength training area is one of the most extensive in the tri-state area. We have an incredible amount of both free weight and selectorized equipment, annually updating equipment with any piece brought to market that we feel will improve the workout experience at Gibson's Gym - for bodybuilding and general fitness. The backbone of our selectorized equipment is predominately Cybex Eagle, VR2, VR, and Classic. We also house a large number of Nautilus Nitro, 2ST, and Steel equipment. The free weight area is immense - with two complete sets of dumbbells (urethane coated, from 3 lbs up to 120 lbs), pre-loaded curl bars, 100 lb plates for heavy leg work, plus multiple pieces to minimize your wait and maximize your time at our facility. We have whatever you may be looking for, plus a few other pieces I'm sure you have never seen before.

Total Equipment Count:

Free Weight Pieces, Hammer Strength, Plate Loaded: 52
Selectorized (Cybex, Nautilus, etc.): 90
Cardiovascular: 61

We also house a complete stretching and core work area that is home to Precor Stretching units, Reebok stability boards, medicine balls, rubber resistance tube, and Swiss Physio balls.

If you would like to maximize usage and incorporate some variety into your workout with our extensive selection of equipment, please check out our personal training services.

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