Gibsons Fitness offers a wide variety of equipment for cardiovascular exercise from the top manufacturers. We take great pride in having a huge selection of equipment to improve your cardiovascular fitness, thereby limiting the wait and allowing our members to get as long a workout as they desire. We boast 19 treadmills, 18 elliptical type trainers, 15 different bikes and more.

Our cardio equipment is distributed among two different cardio rooms that are home to a Cardio Theater Entertainment system. Our main cardio area has an 8 TV bank with 4 radio stations. Our secondary cardio room houses 12 additional treadmills with our Concept 2 rowers. This room is equipped with a 4 TV Cardio Theater set up. Why not be informed and entertained while improving your cardiovascular health?

We take great pride in offering:

  • 19 Treadmills
  • 16 Woodway Desmo S treadmills
  • 3 Cybex Pro Treadmills
  • 18 Elliptical Type Trainers
  • 11 Cybex Arc Trainers (7 total body, 4 lower body)
  • 6 Precor EFX
  • 1 Reebok Body Trek
  • 15 Bikes
  • 6 Cybex Model 500/700 upright bikes
  • 6 Cybex Recumbent 500R/700R
  • 3 Reebok Cycle Plus
  • Misc. Cardio Pieces
  • 2 Stairmaster Step mills
  • 2 Jacob’s Ladders
  • 2 Concept 2 Rowers
  • 2 Nu-Steps
  • 1 UBE

Any of our trainers would love to design a cardio routine to fit your schedule and needs according to your desired results, whether it be weight loss or simply general fitness. We offer Polar Heart Rate Monitors at our Pro Shop to help you effectively monitor your progress. For more information on heart rates, you can visit