amanda n. - before


amanda n. - after

My fitness journey starts like many. In November of 2013 I joined a gym trying to lose the baby weight I had gained as a new mom. My “baby” was over a year old and stroller walks were not doing the job.

When I first joined Gibson’s, I experimented with the machines and fell in love with the group fitness classes. The instructors were motivating, and the class members were friendly. Robin, Heather and the group fitness team became my everyday routine and they pushed and inspired me to challenge myself. I had never worked harder or felt stronger. Robin’s coaching has taught me a lot of proper form and technique to get the most out of the exercise. Heather makes sure we lift weights safely and somehow we all laugh a lot while we get fitter. I felt so connected to them and the class members. Less than six months later I was so in love with group fitness that I wanted to become an instructor. My body had changed a lot in that six months. I was down a few pounds and feeling good. Less than a year after joining Gibson’s, I was certified as a BodyPump instructor. I teach BodyPump Express now on Sunday mornings and I love it. Working with the team that inspired me is as good as it looks. They are the real deal. That could be the end of my story.

All along, even though I wasn’t training with Costa, I knew who he was and asked him tons of questions. “Which bread? Is yogurt good? How could I learn more? Is there a book?” I probably drove him crazy but he patiently answered all my questions. All of the trainers are so knowledgeable and helpful but I felt most comfortable with Costa.

Fast forward to 2016.

I saw Costa’s post on Facebook demonstrating his carb cycling diet plan and results. He did his own diet and bravely shared his story and before and after pictures. I knew he had been a bodybuilding competitor but this was current, impressive, and with amazing results. This was the diet professional bodybuilders used –it had to work! I had found a carb cycling diet online in 2015 and attempted it on my own leading up to my 20 year high school reunion but didn’t get the results I wanted. I was eating as clean as I could figure out on my own. Do any of us really know what to eat? Food pyramid? Whole grain? Organic? I wanted to learn more and I was inspired again. I bounced another 8 or 10 questions off him again before I committed to his diet. I knew it would be hard. But I was in!

So what’s it like to do a carb cycle diet?

First he assessed my current weight, measurements, and body fat percentage. I wrote down the details of my current workout schedule. He made me a customized diet plan that was typed and easy to follow. I would be measuring my food. It outlawed all dairy, fruit, alcohol, and sugar. As the weeks progressed, the diet became more customized. It was always mostly lean protein and leafy greens. I was never hungry. I felt stronger than ever! It was working!! My own willpower amazed me and my husband. You can not cheat! You HAVE to do what he says! Trust him! And be honest – with yourself. I also adjusted my workouts as he suggested to be a good balance of strength training and cardio. He aligned my workouts with my specific goals. He was always there if I needed him. I could text him and ask things like – Can I have beans? Jello? Or, I’m about to cheat help me stay on track!

So how did it go? In the 12 weeks I lost 10 lbs. and 6% bodyfat. For the first time in my life I have six pack abs. I am a mother of two children. It doesn’t sound like a lot of weight but it’s more like we restructured my body. It’s been 2 months since I ended the diet officially. My weight has stayed down – in fact I lost another pound. I am maintaining my weight with a relaxed version of the diet and less cardio. For the first time I feel in control of my body. Clean eating is second nature. I still enjoy food and the occasional cheat meal.

How has it changed my life? I play in the pool with my kids confident in my bikini. Strangers stop me all over and ask me about my workouts, food, my muscles and what to do. I now know what to eat. I’m in control of my body. It’s surreal to have the body I have always wanted. If you are on the fence about trying it, feel free to ask me any questions. Working with Costa has taken me to the next level! He is truly rooting for you to be your best and achieve your fitness goals.

– Amanda N.