brian quada - before


I am not an athlete, I do not have excess strength, and the last time that I was really in shape was 30 years ago. Since then I have had multiple knee surgeries including a complete knee replacement. The knee replacement made performing exercises like squats, lunges, step-ups, and leg lifts difficult. Even kneeling was painful. Not to make excuses, the end result of the last 30 years; I was extremely overweight (almost 315 Pounds), and out of shape. Although I have been a member of Gibsons Fitness for years, I never took full advantage of the facility.

Last year my wife and I started on a path to become in better shape and hopefully lose some of the last 30 years of excessive weight. Our goal was no fad diets, just a slow and steady process. The path included two main items, improved diet and enhanced exercise.

We have done our best to improve our diet by limiting access to junk food, carbs, and by eating more lean proteins. We start our day with a fruit protein shake, followed by a salad for lunch, and then chicken or fish for dinner. We replaced chips with veggies and instead of a candy bar we substituted with a protein bar. We now eat more times per day with smaller portions which has made our metabolism faster.

The journey began by attending a Small Group Training Program which was an overall excellent fitness session. It is amazing how 30 minutes of exercise can leave you so drained.

After Group Training our next exercise path was Personal Training sessions with Scott. These sessions are 2 days per week for 30 minutes. Scott is able to tailor a 30 minute workout based on our goals and needs. These sessions focused on a specific area like legs, upper body, core strength, power, and endurance. We have use a lot of equipment in the gym, but we also do a lot of exercises that do not require equipment. Scott has proven to be very creative in developing exercises. Both my performance and control has progressed and I find our workouts to be more intense when working with a trainer.

Results: I have gone from almost 315 to 260 pounds which equates to a significant weight loss and body fat percentage loss as well as several inches. I am the lightest I have been in 15 years with no fad diets and no yo-yo weight gain/loss. Just a slow and steady process. Although, I have not achieved my personal goal weight yet, I am well on the path and have lost more weight than imaginable.

– Brian Quada