cynthia v. - after

It only takes 1 training session with Costa to appreciate his technical knowledge as a personal trainer, his continuous support of your goals as a coach, and his encouraging words as a friend.

In the spring, Costa worked with me on my diet. My goal was to lose fat while continuing to gain muscle mass. Costa not only coached me weekly in the gym, but he also helped me track my diet and nutrient ratios to insure I kept losing the weight. He always provided encouragement to keep going when I wanted to cheat or didn’t see the loss I had hoped for. After 12 weeks, I lost 15 lbs. and more than 10 inches while continuing to build my strength.

One Saturday in September, I saw my first powerlifting competition at Gibsons. My friends call me “Mighty Mouse” and always tell me how strong I am, so I thought, “I can do that!” When I asked Costa about training for powerlifting, his eyes lit up and a new phase in our training had begun. First, we worked on technique for each lift and how that leads to increased strength for our meet in December. Then, he implemented a training program with lift specific goals. He continually assessed my form while ensuring my safety; all the while making small adjustments and explaining how these changes would affect the end result – lifting more weight. I began gaining more confidence as I saw my weights increasing. I felt strong.

During training, Costa answered all of my questions and texts, and supported me 300%. This gave me the confidence that I would be successful. Having Costa with me at the meet eliminated all my stress and allowed me to focus on my goal-lifting. He made me feel strong and equipped for success. A failed attempt was a learning opportunity for the next lift. As a result, I won first place in my age group with a total lift of 515 lbs. This broke PA state records for all three lifts after just 3 months of training. It was a fantastic day!!

Now we are planning my next meet. Who knows what records we will break? The sky is the limit with Costa!

– Cynthia Varamo