dawn - before


dawn - after

After having two children, my body changed quite a bit. I was so happy that I had my girls, but not about the 20 extra pounds that were still on my body. Once my youngest daughter was 2, I decided that it was time for me. Just one hour a day I could focus on what I needed to do to feel like myself again, not just a mother of 2. I was using my pregnancies as an excuse for my weight gain, and feeling like that was how I was going to look after kids. I was so tired of hiding in my clothes.

Finally, I joined Gibsons Fitness. I had a consultation with Scott Handley, where we sat down and discussed my fitness goals. I was measured and weighed and was told by Scott, “This is your starting point – these numbers will change, but you have to put in the work.”

I decided working with a trainer would probably keep me motivated, rather than trying to figure it all out on my own. Once a week, for a 1/2 hour, I worked with Scott harder than I ever would on my own. He made me realize what my body was capable of. Scott gave me the tools necessary to make the change I had been wanting, but was putting off for so long. He told me EXACTLY what I needed to do, to get the results I wanted. In just 20 weeks, I lost the 20 lbs. and gained back a positive outlook. Though every session came with a lot of whining and complaining – Scott never let me give up. He reminded me that I wouldn’t be giving up on him, I would only be giving up on myself. Once a month we would track my progress with a weigh in and measurements. It was a great feeling to see those numbers changing and hearing someone say, “You are doing great! Keep it up!”

Again, In just 20 weeks, I lost 9 inches off my entire body and my body fat went from 26% to 18%…just by doing what Scott told me to do. We have just started the next phase of my training, building lean muscle mass. I’m excited to see what transformation awaits me! I know I will be pushing my body further than I ever have, but I know I can do it. Scott will not let me give up.

– Dawn