Dennis and Renee

dennis florentine - before
dennis florentine - after

I first joined Gibson’s in 2006, and that is when I first met Renee. It was early on in her career at the gym as a staff member and trainer. She trained me and we hit it off. However, I was reluctant to follow her “total” advice in terms of backing off of running and watching my diet to achieve my goal of adding muscle.

Due to moves and personal changes I left Gibson’s but returned in May of 2016. Renee and I reconnected and the training began in earnest. This time I paid more attention to the program – changing my cardio program and adhering more to a diet that would enable me to start to gain strength and size.

I am working toward meeting my goals and enjoy the training sessions with Renee. She is innovative, cares about my progress, as well as all of her clients. My workouts never get stale, as Renee is always there to change things around for my benefit.

I am thrilled to have gotten back to Gibson’s and reconnecting with Renee. She, along with the rest of the staff, are first class all the way!

The above testimonial is how I feel about Renee personally and the staff at Gibson’s in general. It is the best fitness facility around.

– Dennis Florentine