eileen h. - after

As a 50 year old woman who has been going to Gibsons Fitness for 20 years, I was starting to feel frustrated when I started to see my body change, and not for the better. No matter how little I ate or how hard I worked out, I could not keep my weight down anymore. One of the trainers suggested I go see Scott Handley. She told me he was a trainer, coach, and nutritionist at the gym. It was the best decision I ever made meeting with Scott. He created a diet just for my age and the workouts I was doing at the time. I was eating 6 meals a day and feeling full all the time. Finally, after being patient, my metabolism kicked in, I started to feel hungry between meals, and my weight soon began to drop the right way along with my body fat %, which was our focus! During 12 weeks of following Scott’s plan, I added some personal training sessions into my plan hoping to give me the results I was looking for. AND IT DID! Along with no more bursitis issues in my shoulder and less pain with arthritis in my hand, due to the diet and workout plan I feel all inflammation issues I was having in my body were decreasing and I was feeling great. I am waking up earlier and feeling great first thing in the morning, where before I struggled. All in all, I lost 11 lbs, down from 125 to 114 and my body fat percentage went from 32.8 to 19.9 and we are not done yet!!

– Eileen Hart