My fitness journey started about 17 years ago. I joined Gibson’s, but never had a plan and I was not motivated to get there on a regular basis. I had 2 young daughters and a full time job. I had always struggled with my weight, and I believed cardio was the best form of exercise to lose weight. I was able to drop pounds but never felt physically fit. As my daughters grew up I started spending more time at the gym. I tried different group classes and enjoyed them all, but still seemed out of shape.

It wasn’t until my youngest daughter, Kira, decided she wanted to do a bikini competition that I saw how a body can be transformed through proper diet and exercise. One of the trainers at Gibson’s highly recommended Scott Handley to be her coach. Scott met with her, talked to her and asked her about her goals. He then did an assessment of her body and designed a meal plan and fitness program so she could meet her goals. She competed in her first competition 2 months later and took 1st place.

After watching her succeed, I decided to talk to Scott myself. Since my daughter was only 18 and I was 46, I didn’t expect the same type of results, but a girl can always hope…

I started training with Scott in January, 2016. He challenged me with every session and gave me a plan for each week. I looked forward to every session and watched my body change for the better weekly. I was getting stronger, lifting heavier weights, doing explosive workouts and losing body fat on a regular basis.

In June, my daughter asked me to do a competition with her in the fall, a mother/daughter team. I immediately went to Scott and asked what he thought. Could he get me “show” ready by early November? We started prep mid-July, Scott changed my meal plan, my cardio & my workouts. He check my progress weekly. I worked hard, and he made sure I was making progress, changing things up whenever necessary. Scott is so good that I was ready to show by mid-October. Two weeks prior to my show he would check my body daily and change my workouts or diet when needed. I am not going to lie, I questioned him a lot, but I also trusted him. My body was lean and cut, I got down to 10.7% body fat. I never believed it was possible to look like this at 46. He did an amazing job. He is extremely motivating and knows how to push a person. He understands how carbs affect my body and when I need more protein or fats in my diet. He’s honest about goals and timelines. I realize that if I just do what he says I can reach any fitness goal I set my mind to.

My show was October 15th and I took 1st place in the over 40 class and 4th place in the novice class, where I competed against all ages. I cannot wait do to my next mother/daughter competition.

– JoAnn L.