karen deremer - after

A little over 2 years ago, I walked into Gibsons Fitness feeling unwell and desperate. I was 52 years old with several medical conditions – COPD, food allergies and neurological symptoms. I was only eating about 600 calories a day and still gaining weight. I was consistently failing at trying to stop smoking.

Two days before my first session with Costa, I was so terrified that I would not be able to do it that I threw away my cigarettes and never looked back. Using a personal trainer has been such a wonderful experience! Costa has been patient and encouraging and, with his sense of humor, he makes the hard work a lot of fun! He has taught me how to exercise for my body condition with proper form. He has helped me to improve some poor body movement patterns. With Costa’s nutritional advice, I am eating about three times more calories without gaining weight. By eating properly and with the increased activity level, my medical problems are much more under control. The increase in my muscle tone and the dramatic change in my figure shape have been phenomenal! Costa has pushed me to levels of strength that I thought were impossible for me!

I am excited to see what the future holds in store for the changes in my body. I am having so much fun working out that I have no intention of ever stopping this new lifestyle. I am beginning to be proud of my body instead of seeing it as an enemy and my self-esteem is increasing. Thank you Costa and Gibsons Fitness for showing me how to be healthier, fitter and happier!

– Karen Deremer