kyle smith - before


kyle smith - after

My journey started with doing cardio and getting comfortable with the gym. In my first week I was also introduced to a personal trainer at Gibsons Fitness. He came highly recommended and has been a huge part of my success.

In the beginning, my trainer’s main focus was to help me shed the pounds with high intensity interval training while adding and introducing me to weight training slowly.

Each week, we would build upon the previous and I learned more and more. His expertise and passion to help me succeed was addicting and pushed me to work harder. On the days I did not train with him he guided me with a plan to keep me on track. At the end of each month, my trainer would hold me accountable and check my body fat. Watching it melt off and seeing my body change was exciting!

At my leanest I was 158 pounds and 5% body fat. Using a personal trainer helped me succeed far beyond what I ever dreamed possible.

Once I reached my goal of losing weight and leaning out, his focus for me was primarily on strength training and building more muscle mass. This meant rethinking all I had done to reach my original goal, but his expertise was there every step of the way. One obstacle I had to overcome was how to fuel my body so I could lift heavier weights to gain the muscle mass and not fat. This involved retraining my brain and body to work toward an entirely new goal.

Diet was also a huge part of my success. My trainer’s knowledge is beyond just training – he helped teach me how to eat to see weight loss results and how to fuel my body when we started the building muscle mass stage. In the beginning I have to admit the diet was strict but it helped me learn how the food I was eating was affecting my body. By eating better I had more energy and felt less sluggish. Also, I learned that every once in a while it is ok to have a cheat day, your body needs it!

My journey is not over! I continue to work with my personal trainer to develop my fitness goals. His guidance and support will always be a major key to my continued success.

In the end, it really is diet and exercise together that can change your life. Now, I enjoy fitness and healthy eating as a lifestyle and look forward to where the journey will take me.

Thanks to personal training and Gibsons Fitness for supporting me!

– Kyle Smith