patty romel - before


patty romel - after

When I joined Gibsons Fitness in June of 2014, I did it to occupy my time during the summer. In all honesty, I weighed the most I ever had. I needed to change; however, in the beginning I had no idea how dedicated I would become to losing weight and living and active lifestyle once I had started. During my consultation and sign up at Gibsons, I was asked who I would be interested in training with for my complimentary sessions. Not knowing any of the other trainers, my response was, “Michael Terminelli.” Little did I know that decision was going to be one of the best decisions I had ever made!

After two weeks of moderate workouts, Michael asked me if I was going to compete in the Biggest Loser Contest. Michael knew my competitive tendencies, and he knew exactly what he was doing. I joined the contest and began to transform my life. The workout sessions were intense, but the change in my appearance was noticeable almost immediately. Having Michael as my trainer was an amazing experience. He pushed me further than I would have ever thought possible. All the while he pushed me out of my comfort zone, and he motivated me with his positive attitude and his encouraging words. He knew how to push me towards success. At times I didn’t think I was going to excel, but he stood right by me through each accomplishment and would tell me how well I did. Every session he had a smile on his face, a heck of a workout prepared and an encouraging word to send me on my way. Although during sessions I frequently told him I hated him, I was actually grateful for the stronger, more confident person I was becoming; despite the temporary exhaustion and soreness. The day after each session with Michael felt as though I was closer than ever before to reaching my personal goals.

Now over 30 pounds lighter, I am more dedicated to completing my transformation, and I have Michael Terminelli to thank. He taught me not only the dynamics of exercise and eating correctly, but to have faith in myself to push forward. Without him as my trainer, I would have never placed third in the Biggest Loser Contest or realized my personal potential in becoming a better, healthier me.

– Patty Romel