stacy r. - after

After several years of training with Renee, one of my favorite things about her is that her exceptional training techniques and her enthusiasm are portable! Whenever I need to travel for long periods of time, she works with me beforehand to learn on-the-road strength training exercises so that I don’t have to miss one work-out! If I don’t happen to have access to a gym, she enlightens me with innovative ideas such as using soup cans and laundry detergent bottles in place of weights so that I can maintain my fitness level until I get back to Gibson’s! And, she even goes along with me rock climbing! Imagine for a moment being 100-feet up in the air, facing a granite wall with a panoramic view of three western states surrounding you, a rope your only safety net, and losing your nerve to go any further…kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place (pun intended). Using the self-confidence I have gained due to her extraordinary enthusiasm and genuine concern for me to get the maximum performance out of my training sessions, I can imagine her leaping out of my backpack onto my shoulder and cheering me on to take just one more step! You can’t help but want to shine for her in every moment! Many thanks to Renee for not only helping me to improve my posture and strength but for helping me to feel good both physically and mentally, and for helping me to look great!

– Stacy R.